Normandie-Niemen. The Russian trace in the French Aviation

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In this episode of Combat Approved Mark on History we will tell you about the legendary Normandie-Niemen regiment. It was formed in 1942 from French pilots by the order of General Charles de Gaulle to fight against the Nazis. But this regiment fought not in Western Europe, but on the most dangerous Soviet-German front together with the Soviet fighters, on Soviet planes. The episode is based on the memories of one of the pilots of Normandie-Niemen, Baron Maurice de Joffre.
We will tell why the French aces had to be retrained by the Soviet pilots. We will perform aerobatics on the famous fighter of the Great Patriotic War - Yak-3. We will engage in air combat on Yak-52. And, most importantly, we will conduct a difficult experiment - an emergency landing of a Soviet military plane with a parachute on the wing. Besides, the audience will see the most interesting details from the life of Normandie-Niemen pilots in Russia and visit the largest international air festival in the French city of Compiègne, where the most rare and unique military planes of World War II were exhibited.

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